Force™ 10 Full Face Mask

Force™ 10 Full Face Mask

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The Force10™ is a full face twin cartridge mask with Class 3 heavy duty filter connections. The completely clear panoramic visor maximises light levels within the mask giving optimum visibility. The lens also offers impact protection and has anti-mist and anti-scratch coating as standard. The mask offers superior comfort with its 5-point suspension harness and quick release buckles, making it easy to adjust. The mask moulds to the shape of the face for an excellent seal, and is also padded for extra comfort over prolonged use. The mask accepts any of the wide range of low profile Force8™ filters designed for minimal visual impairment. Conforms to: BS EN 136:1998.

Comfort & Seal
Padded for extra comfort over prolonged use, and moulds to face shape for excellent seal.

Fully Adjustable
Fully Adjustable 5-point suspension harness for optimum fit and comfort. Quick release buckles for ease of use.

Panoramic Vision
Panoramic anti-mist, anti-scratch design providing impact protection.

Exhalation Valve
Exhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture build-up.

Filters available with low profile angle design.