Workgate™ Single Gate with Reflective – Red

Workgate™ Single Gate with Reflective – Red

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It is apparent in urban street works situations that on occasions a solution is required to close the footway. Whilst popular 2m long barriers are very effective they can prove awkward when the Footway™ needs to be closed to protect the public. JSP have devised a method to overcome such occurrences by integrating our single WorkGate™ panel with existing Titan®, Barricader™ or Citadel™ barrier´s.

Sturdy 0.8mtr wide gate with class 2 reflective material links between 2 existing barriers using end coupling.

The unique clips allow various JSP barriers to interlock with each other to suit most environments and situations.

Gate allows signage to be added alerting pedestrians to works in progress, deep excavation etc.

Recycled Feet
Recycled pvc feet (2 of) should be fitted to ensure total stability and these have anti trip feature.

Child Deterrent
Design of the gate is such that it will deter children from attempting to swing on the barrier, another safety feature and deterrent factor.