10m Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

10m Adjustable Restraint Lanyard

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10m Adjustable Fall arrest system

System available in multiple lengths from 5m to 15m all with the highest quality rope and rope grab.

Features And Benefits

•Fall Arrest system with a 12.0 mm diameter kernmantel rope anchorage line with an openable Rope Grab made of high strength Aluminium Alloy on it.
•The Anchorage Line has one side Karabiner and
the other side is fold back and stitched 10cm.
•Length: 10 m.

•Conforms to EN353-2:2002.
•Delivered with 2 screw gate karabiners in alloy steel. Gate opening 18 mm. Conforms to EN362:2004 class B And M