Venus™ Gas Non Vented Goggle HC lens

Venus™ Gas Non Vented Goggle HC lens

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Venus™ Gas Tight Goggle with MistResist™

The Venus™ gas tight goggle is a clear polycarbonate goggle with a MistResist™ anti-mist coating. The lens and body offer protection against medium energy high speed particles at 120m/s (270 mph) The optical qualities of the lens comply with requirements of optical class 1. The body offers protection against large dust particles, gas and liquid droplets.

Features & benefits

• Polycarbonate lens with MistResist™ anti-mist coating

• Dust, gas and liquid splash protection

• Class 1 optics

• B grade impact protection

• Conforms to EN166 3.4.9.B and EN166 1.B.9