RX Insert for Stealth™ 9100 Goggle

RX Insert for Stealth™ 9100 Goggle

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RX Inserts for Stealth™ 9100

Easy fitting prescription inserts. Can be placed behind anti fog and anti-scratch one piece polycarbonate lens providing visual assistance and protection in one compact solution.

Method for adding prescription lenses to RX insert:

Take your ‘Goggle and RX insert’ to a high street optician and ask for the RX insert to be glazed with your relevant prescription. The optician will send the RX insert away to a lab for glazing. Once this is complete the insert is ready and can be simply inserted into the goggle housing ready for immediate use.

Features & benefits

• Avoid damaging prescription spectacles by using goggles with an RX insert

• Prescription vision in environments that require impact protection

• Easily fitted into new goggles