Pro-Fit™ Dielectric Insulated Harness

Pro-Fit™ Dielectric Insulated Harness

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Pro-Fit™ Dielectric Harness

The ultimate in comfort and style harnessed with light weight hardware give this fully elasticated harness the edge for those that have to wear height safety equipment on a daily basis.

Features and benefits

•Entire dielectric 3 points version with hardware in insulating polymers for electrical atmospheres
•Fall indicator for easy inspection
•Fully elasticated and ultra comfort: made up of elastic webbing for more comfort and impact resistance

•2 points of anchorage
•2 lateral D-ring for work positioning
•Comfort belt with tool keepers
•Sit strap
•Labels of inspection and instructions protected in a black PVC pouch
•Conforms to EN361:2002 and EN358:2000 Rated to 136 kg