DSend™600 50m Evacuation Device

DSend™600 50m Evacuation Device

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The DSend600™ is JSP´s new evacuation device. In the event of an accident the DSend600™ is used for safe evacuation of personnel.

Using it´s direct drive mechanism the DSend600™ is capable of handling weights up to 282Kg. This is roughly the weight of 3-4 people. The ability for this product to handle a number of people at a time allows for a much quicker rescue.

The DSend600™ is available in two forms. The standard DSend600™ and the DSend600+™. The DSend600+™ is provides equal performance to the the standard 600 version but comes with the added feature of a built in winch allowing for an initial lift and manuvere of the rescued persons before lowering them down.

The DSend600™ and DSend600+™ are available as standard in pre-assembled lengths but are available in custom lengths of up to 600m on request. The robust high quality direct drive of the D-Send600™ allows this product to achieve a maximum descent of a staggering 600m. This means that the maximum height and weight this product allows you to decend exceeds the current EN standards.